Men & Women of Pennsylvania

Donors who make gifts of $2 million to graduate or undergraduate student aid within a five year period are recognized as Men and Women of Pennsylvania.

Inspired and named by University Trustee Emeritus George Weiss, W’65, HON’14, the Men and Women of Pennsylvania initiative recognizes donors who make exceptionally generous investments in student aid at Penn.

As Weiss notes, “Those who support scholarship have very personal reasons for doing so, but it always seems to come back to one simple idea: the chance to make a difference in a young person’s life.”

Penn proudly celebrates the following champions of financial aid who comprise the members of the Men and Women of Pennsylvania.

  • Anonymous (17)
  • Fady M. Abouchalache, W’88, and Leila Abouchalache
  • Madlyn Kornberg Abramson, ED’57, GED’60, and Leonard Abramson
  • Annenberg Foundation; the late Leonore Annenberg, HON ’85
  • Nathan Appleman Foundation
  • Jill J. Avery, C’88, WG’98 and John D. Avery, WG’93
  • Sir Leonard Blavatnik, Emily Blavatnik, and family
  • Roxanne Conisha Bok, C’81 and Scott L. Bok, C’81, W’81, L’84
  • Judith L. Bollinger, WG’81, and William G. Bollinger
  • Peter Briger, Jr., WG’93 and Devon Briger
  • Gretchen H. and Stephen Burke, parents
  • Hwee Leng Whang, G’75, and Raymond Ch’ien, GR’78
  • Estate of Edith Griffiths Chisholm, CW’45, WG’46
  • Rhonda R. Cohen, L’80, and David L. Cohen, L’81
  • Xinmei Zhang and Yongge Dai
  • Jerome F. Dean, W’75
  • James G. Dinan, W’81 and Elizabeth Miller
  • Jonathan Dorfman, W’84 and Melissa Kaish
  • Estate of Nicholas J. Doto, EE’49, GEE’61
  • Estate of Adolphus O. Ehrlich, W’32
  • Karen L. Finerman, W’87, and Lawrence Golub
  • Irfan M. Furniturewala, WG’01, and Asma Furniturewala
  • Walter J. Gamble, M’57, and Anne C. Gamble
  • Jay G. Goldman, W’79
  • Donna O’Hara Golkin, WG’77 and Perry Golkin, W’74, WG’74, L’78
  • Estate of Elizabeth M. Goodwin
  • Marc Grandisson, WG’00, and Martine Bergeron
  • The Gray Foundation
  • Richard D. Green, W’52
  • Joel M. Greenblatt, W’79, WG’80
  • Amy Gutmann, HOM’04 and Michael Doyle
  • Janet Haas and John Otto Haas
  • Estate of Elizabeth R. Hamilton
  • Rita and Alex Hillman Foundation
  • Peter A. Hochfelder, C’84, and Stacy Hochfelder
  • Anthony R. Ignaczak, W’86 and Lara E. Ignaczak
  • Jacobson Family Foundation
  • David R. Jaffe, C’81, W’81 and Helen Jaffe
  • Barbara McNeil Jordan and the late Henry A. Jordan, M’62, RES’67
  • Martha L. and Bruce A. Karsh, parents
  • Leslie Kilgore, W’87, and Jonathan Leblang
  • Adam White Kirsch, W’83 and Mary Elizabeth Kirsch
  • Estate of Glenn Korff, WG’68
  • Estate of Joel A. Lang, W’55, WG’58
  • The Lauder Foundation, Segregated Fund
  • Estate of Elizabeth U. Lauer, ED’42
  • Hyung Soon Lee, W’93
  • Susan Lee, L’95
  • Lorraine and Ken Levy
  • Paul S. Levy, L’72, and Karen Levy
  • Robert M. Levy, WG’74, and Diane v. S. Levy
  • William J. Levy, W’57, L’64
  • Gary Lieberman, WG’80
  • The Maguire Foundation
  • Howard S. Marks, W’67, and Nancy Marks
  • Edward J. Mathias, C’64, and Dale Mathias
  • Kristina E. Mathias, C’94 W’94, and Andrew William Mathias, W’95
  • David J. Matlin, W’83 and Lisa Matlin
  • Herbert S. and Patrice R. Miller, parents
  • Megha Patodia Mittal, W’97, and Aditya Mittal, W’96
  • Julia Taffet Moelis, W’81, and Kenneth D. Moelis, W’81, WG’81
  • The Patterson Family Foundation
  • Richard C. Perry, W’77
  • Julie Beren Platt, C’79, and Marc E. Platt, C’79
  • Michael J. Price, W’79, Vikki L. Price, and the Price Family Foundation
  • The Quantedge Foundation
  • William J. Quinn, W’92, and Stacey Quinn
  • Mark H. Rachesky, M.D., C’81, and Jill F. Rachesky
  • Estate of Edward C. Raffensperger, M’40
  • The Rajaratnam Family
  • Gail Petty Riepe, CW’68, and James S. Riepe, W’65, WG’67, HON’10
  • Ashraf R. Rizvi, W’86
  • Suhail R. Rizvi, W’88
  • Estate of Judith R. Rosenberg, CW’41
  • Stuart M. Rothenberg W’84, L’87, and Pamela Rothenberg
  • Jo-Ann Seow Shu Ping, WG’93
  • Edward L. Shapiro, W’86, and Barbara Shapiro
  • Scott L. Shleifer, W’99 and Elena Shleifer
  • The Harriet and Warren Stephens Family Foundation
  • Estate of M. Elaine Stinner
  • Nicolai Tangen, W’92, and Katja Tangen
  • Robert I. Toll, L’66, and Jane Toll
  • Estate of Michael Waris, Jr., W’42, L’44
  • Alan Waxman, C’97, and Charlotte Waxman
  • Estate of Ralph M. Weaver, C’41, M’44
  • George A. Weiss, W’65, HON’14, and Lydia Bravo Weiss
  • Estate of Philip J. Whitcome, WG’76
  • Mark O. Winkelman, WG’73, and Dorinda Winkelman
  • Arthur M. Wrubel, W’87, and Melanie Bloom Wrubel

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