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Stories of Impact

The people who make up our student body and ever-growing alumni base are the heart and soul of this University. Many members of the Penn family know from personal experience the transformative power of scholarships and the role that financial aid plays in creating a campus that thrives because of its diversity. Scholarship help to create infinite possibilities for students, and in turn they have an impact on the world. Here are some of the remarkable individuals who enrich our Penn community thanks to undergraduate financial aid.

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Vincent, NU'21

“I never could have imagined attending a school like Penn growing up, and I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for my scholarship.”
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Angela, C'23

“As a First Generation and lower-income student, my scholarship is part of the reason I am able to be at Penn.”
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Luccas, W'23

“At Penn, I am committed to trying my best while also bringing a unique perspective to the school’s community.”
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Jaydin, C'23

“Your support has helped my family afford to send me to my dream school and light the path for me to accomplish my goals.”
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Cassandra, C’21

“My scholarship has done more than just help me pay for college; it has eased fears and in turn, invested in my vision to change the world.”
Dave Joseph sitting at Wharton School of Business

Dave, W’20

“A Named Scholarship made it possible for me to be the first in my family to go to college, study with world-class professors, and be part of the amazing Penn community.”
Diana sitting in one of Penn's gardens

Diana, ENG’20

“Choosing Penn was easy, but Named Scholarships are what make attending Penn possible.”
Cristina on Penn's campus with Philly in view

Cristina, W’21

“It is a dream to study at Penn. Without a donor’s generosity, despite all of my efforts and willingness, this would not have happened.”
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Sebastian, C’20

“The opportunities available to me at Penn are more than I hoped. Thanks to my scholarship, I can pursue them all.”

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