Undergraduate Financial Aid Leadership Council

The Undergraduate Financial Aid Leadership Council (UFLC), established in 2014, is the University's board in support of the Undergraduate Named Scholarship Program and Penn First Plus. Council members are passionate advocates for educational opportunity and affordability. Members serve as advisors, fundraisers, and ambassadors for this essential University priority.

Herald Chen, ENG’93, W’93
Council Chair

Marc E. Becker, W’94

Avanti Birla headshot

Avanti Birla, C’10

Anthony T. Bozza, W’98

Brian N. Cherry, WG’04

Alp Ercil, ENG’95, W’95

Mark L. First, W’87, PAR’18, PAR’21

Fred Goltz headshot

Fred Goltz, C’93, W’93

Michael Gordon headshot

Michael Gordon, C’87

George M. Graffy headshot

George M. Graffy, W’86, PAR’17, PAR’19

Charles W. Hebard headshot

Charles W. Hebard C’92, WG’99

Susan Insoft headshot

Susan Insoft, W’86

Robin Harrison Kaplan headshot

Robin Harrison Kaplan, C’91, PAR’21, PAR’23

Gary Y. Kiang, ENG’98, W’98, WG’07

Eric A. Linn headshot

Eric A. Linn, W’92, PAR’22

Hillary G. Milken, C’99

Gregory K. Mondre headshot

Gregory K. Mondre, W’96

Chuck Myers headshot

Chuck Myers, W’98, WG’99

Audrey Epstein Reny, C’86, WG’91, PAR’17, PAR’20

Robin Ren, C’95, EE’95, PAR’24

Rita M. Roure, C’98

Molly P. Rouse-Terlevich, C’90, GED’00, PAR’24

Howard L. Sanders, W’88, PAR’21, PAR’22

Nihir Shah, C’94, W’94

Sapna Choksi Shah, C’93, W’93

Joshua T. Thimons, W’98, WG’99

Jacqueline Weidman, C’96

Peter A. Weidman, W’96

Samuel J. Whitaker, C’02

Mieko Willoughby, C’87, PAR’25

David W. Wu headshot

David W. Wu, WG’95