Gregory Nesmith “Underdog” Memorial Scholarship


“Can’t nobody do you better than you.” – Greg Nesmith



“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” – African proverb

Established in 2021 by family and friends to honor the life of Gregory Nesmith, The Gregory Nesmith “Underdog” Memorial Scholarship will provide financial support to an undergraduate student or students who would otherwise be unable to afford a Penn education. Consideration will be given to African American students who attended a Philadelphia public high school and with a similar passion and dedication as Gregory to sharing knowledge gained through education to make a difference in underserved communities. This scholarship serves both as a critical priority for the University—undergraduate financial aid—as well as fitting tribute for Gregory who dedicated much of his life to helping young people achieve their dreams.

Penn is the largest university in the United States with a grant-based financial aid program. As the demand for undergraduate financial aid has grown steadily over recent decades, so too has Penn’s commitment to increasing access for talented students with financial need. This commitment enables students, who otherwise would not have the opportunity, to join and shape our Penn community. None of this would be possible without donor support.