Cassandara profile phioto

Cassandra, C’21

  • Major Criminology
  • Hometown Omaha, NE

Growing up the youngest of six to a single mother, Cassandra always thought that attending a school like Penn was out of her reach. Even after she learned she had been accepted to Penn, Cassandra still worried that she would not be able to afford the cost, but all of that changed when Cassandra learned about her named scholarship. In Cassandra’s eyes, named scholarships allow students from all backgrounds to have a seat at the table and make their mark on the world. Cassandra has used her time at Penn to do just that. Whether it be interning at the Philadelphia’s District Attorney’s Office, tutoring men who are currently incarcerated, or mentoring freshmen, Cassandra is constantly going the extra mile for those who she can help. Cassandra plans to use her boundless energy and compassion to reform the criminal justice system once she graduates.

“My scholarship has done more than just help me pay for college; it has eased fears and in turn, invested in my vision to change the world.”