Luccas profile photo

Luccas, W'23

  • Major Economics
  • Hometown Santa Isabel, Brazil

Coming from Brazil, Luccas did not know what to expect from Philadelphia, but he has quickly explored the city by biking throughout West Philadelphia and going for early morning runs on the Schuylkill River Trail. The city has become his new home, but Luccas remains connected to Brazil through the Penn Brazil Club, a student-led organization, which serves as a support group for Brazilian students and others interested in Brazilian culture, while also promoting social, political, and cultural awareness. Luccas enjoys meeting other students from his home country and sharing classic Brazilian meals with them. In this way, Luccas has created a greater sense of belonging at Penn. Once he graduates, Luccas plans to work in finance for a few years and then return back home, where he will start his own company. He looks forward to starting his own venture, while also bringing jobs and greater prosperity with him to his home country.

“At Penn, I am committed to trying my best while also bringing a unique perspective to the school’s community.”